The man 




         Placed back on the ground 

     Bubbling stomach numbing his nervous system 

  Red and blue luster enveloped by thick black

     Blaring sound diminishing in a blur

        Of whites and reds and screeching tire

  The steam seeping back into concrete cracks

The man’s friend un-speaks his line

        His eyes forget 

      My small frame

            My short stature

                 My estimated age

      My body resting back in the seat

         And the tires reverse

     The man rolls across asphalt

 His mass un-hitting the windshield

    Bones unbreaking

        Blood unseeping as

   The spidered glass mends

      The man lifting off

  And back onto his bike

     The leather refolding with his weight

    The motorized machine slides 

   Out from under the car wheels

      Folded metal blooming

    His boot sliding back to his foot 

  The materials peeling off the grill

       The clouds uncry their sorrow

    My mouth swallowing my scream

 My eyes reclaiming its own rain

    Now he reverses

The motorist is re-shrouded by rain

       And fog

   The wheels reclaiming sprayed puddles

  As he reverses down the yellow line

    Cycle wobbling and swaying 

 Pointing the wrong direction

   His friend restarting his engine under the bridge

     As he joins him

  My head lifts back up from my moms phone

       Smile staying the same

      The engine is unheard as

   The beer or shots put into his body

Beginning to make his vision unblur

  And his brain unslow

Posted by:emileeh

I'm a young writer trying to get into the freelance business. I enjoy writing creative pieces like short stories and poetry and reviews.

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