Cars crash like honey
Folding and shining with sun shrapnel Showering into veins, slicing into skin As the girl playing tug of war with her seat belt loses Wings clipped as she flies 

Seat cushions become helicopter blades Bad dreams twisting into tubes, needles Read what is living, warn what will be dead Elbow crease pumping, dripping, pooling  Opioid tears, shaped in puddles at her waist

I watch her struggle, the bed controlling her The pelvic cracks immobilizing, throwing Bile, rising and killing appetite with scalpels

Abigail – Abbie – my cousin, you are my everything You make me see strength in new lights, colored Miss match rainbows, sewn together like patch blankets A dauntless kaleidoscope, patterns forming words

They spin together, congealing into arms, legs A torso, an emblem of hope twinkling on armor Illuminating facial features, blinding anguish As you finally stand for the first time

Dear Warrior,

Even with the cascading scars, you are titanium

An unwavering totem of bones and blood, flowing

Dancing on your toes even when you don’t have the feet

You still stand tall on your throne, conquering the world

All still in your grasp, still tangibly twirling around you

You are strong. Unwavering beauty. That will never stop. 

Sincerely, Your Unfinished Story

Posted by:emileeh

I'm a young writer trying to get into the freelance business. I enjoy writing creative pieces like short stories and poetry and reviews.

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