After Tiana Clark

My Brain Wants to Know about My Relationship to Love

After Tiana Clark

I climb


I stagger.

  I jumble pieces.

I collapse & rebuild. Locating

shrapnel shards in my heart,

always finding them there,

always picking out one,

two. I panic – choke & deflate.

Every second, shrinking back

in doubt. I think & think.

What is wrong, right, 

in between the lines.

I read your texts, seeing them,

but not seeing them. Finding,

searching for answers. I miss.

I think: don’t & don’t & don’t

But the voice continues: do & do

& do. All of these thoughts.

None new. None old. None silenced.

I suffocate. Under pressure. A weight.

I want. Want to understand. But,

I see you and forget. Mind quite.

I do normal. I mystery love. 

I walk the halls. I pen the paper.

I write to forget, to remember. 

I scream through poetry. I seethe.

I deflate. I exit stage right. Tidy the home.

I scratch plack. I frizz follicles. 

I stare down reflections. Touch glass skin.

Is this real beauty? I start to earthquake. 

But you silence disaster. You clip tremors.

And I finally wrap sheets. I tranquil.

I dream good. I fall. But don’t crumble.

Tiana Clarks Poem

Thumbnail Art By: @broken_isn’t_bad

Posted by:emileeh

I'm a young writer trying to get into the freelance business. I enjoy writing creative pieces like short stories and poetry and reviews.

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