They were my favorite music on mute

A booming silence 

Weaving through rusty stands

And fraying plastic seats

Getting lost in the music I heard instead

In the trumpets and clarinets

In the blaring trombone they once played

In the screeching flute I still do

They were in the background

The foreground

Giving me no knowledge of their presence

Giving me no cue to introduce myself

Instead they were just a floating voice

A flitting sparrow in my peripheral

Wanting to make their entrance

But never stepping to center stage

At this time my focus was on someone else

One who I would soon learn 

Would rip my insides out

Bottle my tears before drinking them

Like the shots they fired at me

I was blinded by a fake love

An unrealistic interpretation

An abusive bubble of acid

That sooner than later popped

Melting my heart down with it

The first time I noticed them

Their Christmas hat stood pointed

An invisible force holding it up with a string

Making me laugh like the twinkling parade lights

I remember a friend jamming their finger

And even when I couldn’t feel my toes

Even when it hurt to move and breath in the bitter cold night

I grabbed their hand and ask if they were okay

Still not hearing the music

Still not seeing the look of fascination in their eye

The calendar pages turned

And soon I was alone

I was broken and trying to pick up pieces stuck in crevices covered in fresh tar

And they helped me find them

Kneeling down with me to crack away the pavement

They glued me back together

They sewed on the patches

And that’s when I heard it

That waterfall of unheard, unsung, unread emotion

I soaked it all in

Listening to every beat

I swam and leaped and savored every drop 

For as long as I could

And even now with the waterfall dried

With the earth now caked and cracking

Underneath the layers of the sediment there is still a cavern

With a glittering pool that I will still gaze upon

And every so often I will grab a jar

Fill it to the brim

And carry it with me

I will listen to this lost symphony and remember the happiness it brought me

The happiness it still gives me

They were my saving melody

And for that I will always say

Thank you

Posted by:emileeh

I'm a young writer trying to get into the freelance business. I enjoy writing creative pieces like short stories and poetry and reviews.

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