I watch all the bodies pass by me, jumping up against the glass and yelling to be seen. I feel like I’ve been doing this forever, watching my brothers and sisters get picked off one by one. Maybe I should feel scared or sad but… All these people are so exciting! Especially the little humans, stopping to touch the glass, pointing me out to their taller humans. All I want is for one of them to finally say yes. To scoop me up in their arms and take me home.

I sit patiently for the next people to enter the store, ears perking at the sound of the bell. I stand up, jumping on the glass as I watch two humans walk in. One of them is tall, with hair on their face and some weird shields on his eyes. The other is shorter, long blonde hair twisted like rope. I pad my paws against the glass, yelling out.

“Hey! Over here! Look at me, I’m cute!”

The shorter one smiles, walking over to me. They wiggle a single finger against the glass, right where my nose is. I lick the glass, panting happily as I look at them. She laughs, looking at the taller human. They start talking, looking at me periodically. Maybe today is the day! I’m going to get to go home!

I watch with a smile, tail wagging as the blonde one looks at me again. She turns, arm raising as she grabs someone’s attention. I let out a bark when I see my favorite store human! They give me the most treats and pets. They talk to the two humans, the taller one pointing at me! Not at my siblings, but me! 

My butt is practically wiggling by the time the store human opens up our box, pulling me out gently. I let out another bark as they pass me to the blonde human, licking frantically at their face.

“Hello human! I will love you forever and ever!”

They laugh, moving their face away from me as they pets my head. This is the best day ever!

Posted by:emileeh

I'm a young writer trying to get into the freelance business. I enjoy writing creative pieces like short stories and poetry and reviews.

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