“Boo! I’m a ghost!”

“Yes you are sweetie,” my mom says with a laugh, ruffling my blanketed head. “You’re going to get so much candy wearing that costume.”

“Of course I will. Ghost are really scary.”

“They sure are. Now go get your brother so he can take you trick or treating.”

“Evaannn!” I yell, running down the hall and to his room. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah. How do I look Pete?” I let out a gasp when he turns around, his cloak flowing behind him.

“Scary! Vampires are so cool.”

“Hell yeah they are!”

“Bad word!”

“Sorry. Heck yeah they are.”

“Better.” He chuckles, grabbing both our buckets.

“Are you ready to get some candy B-Bro?”


“Lets go then, before all the big candy bars are gone.”

Posted by:emileeh

I'm a young writer trying to get into the freelance business. I enjoy writing creative pieces like short stories and poetry and reviews.

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