Valkara was a world forged from nothing, what used to be a barren land of desert and ice. Centuries ago, when this world was still young, a sapling sprouted from the caked earth. And with this sapling came the Divine, a powerful being with the appearance of an elf. She was a beautiful creature, clothed in only golden silks and opal jewelry. She was the Empress, the oldest living being on the planet. Creation of the Gods that was sworn to protect and preserve life.

With a single touch of her hand, she made the sapling grow, its leaves shimmered with gold, the bark glowing like dying embers. Soon enough the Empress spread life outwards, making bubbling streams and towering oaks. Snowy mountains and dark ravines, all with the tree as the epicenter. This would soon be known as the Tree of Life, a structure meant for any and all creatures. Those small and big. Even those of the sea and the sky.

For many years, she claims that she was the only humanoid to walk the earth. Living among the woodland animals that had formed in each biome. But soon she saw new life begin to form, evolving and changing with every footstep. Towns began to be built, then religions and governments, with no help from the Empress at all. But with people came anger and with anger came fighting. But it was nothing the Empress couldn’t resolve of course.

The world went on peacefully but soon the Giants rose from the depths. Creatures that the Empress had shamefully created while trying to produce guardians for each plain. Once she had realized her mistake she quickly locked them away in the earth but she had made them too powerful. Everything went into cautious, and the Empress knew she couldn’t stop this on her own, for no matter how hard she tried, nothing would ever permanently destroy the Giants. So she decided to form a higher council, choosing the most powerful individuals across the land to bless with the divine abilities of the Gods. With her warriors in hand, she was finally able to defeat the Giants and force them back into the depths, hopefully never to be seen again.

Now after 200 years, the Empress still remains with her tree and her council. Watching the world and life it holds continue on its journey.

Posted by:emileeh

I'm a young writer trying to get into the freelance business. I enjoy writing creative pieces like short stories and poetry and reviews.

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