I let out an expletive, covering my nose as I look down at the scene before me. The smell of rotting flesh and fluids makes my eyes water and my stomach churn. I look away, glancing at my partner.

“That… Is ripe.”

“You’re telling me. From the looks of it, she’s been dead for at least 3 days. Blue fingernails, bloated skin, lividity is setting in.” He crouches down as he puts his gloves on, lifting her arm gently. “Beginnings of rigamortis and… Signs of struggle evident.”

I move forward after a moment, snapping a few pictures of the bruises curling her wrists and legs. “She must have been tied… Any signs of broken bones?”

He feels around on her body, shaking his head after a moment. “Just the blunt force trauma to the skull.” He flips her over, the dead weight thumping against the floor. “She was hit from behind which indicates she might have gotten free and tried to run for it. The item is the size of a hammer or club… And it was multiple hits it seems.”

He stands up after a moment, waiting for me to finish snapping pictures. “Is the corner on his way?” I ask, looking around the room for any blood splatter.”

“Yeah she should be here in 10. Keep your eye out for the weapon or any sort of circumstantial evidence. I’ll work on fingerprints.”  

“Yes sir. Will figure this out.”

“I sure hope so.”

Posted by:emileeh

I'm a young writer trying to get into the freelance business. I enjoy writing creative pieces like short stories and poetry and reviews.

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