1. Warm fleeces, fresh out of a cycle of lilac 

And lemon drops that you picked from the sun. 

Wrapping yourself into the rays, soft like cloud cover

  1. Roasting the perfect ball of sugar fluff

Teeth breaking golden shell to expose pure white

Sweet lava pouring and settling on taste buds

  1. Waking to a crystal covered earth

Smelling of pine wood and cold, the sheets folding

Over twinkling hills forever falling from the sky

  1. The scent of aged wood shavings, each a precise

Sheet stippled with ink columns, bleeding through each other

                  Forming the perfect story in the palms of your hands

  1. Water drops falling and slipping into concrete cracks

Soaking into every pour, cooling the 

forming the smell of petrichor

Posted by:emileeh

I'm a young writer trying to get into the freelance business. I enjoy writing creative pieces like short stories and poetry and reviews.

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