Wasn’t inspired to draw today so the image is by Violet1202. Here’s the link to her Tumblr: https://violet1202.tumblr.com/

She’s been my best friend for years. Since we were 7, we have had each other backs. Through dragon battles and scraped knees. Through fantasy and reality, we have trusted each other like family. We continue to tell each other that there is no mountain high enough; that we can do anything we want and more. And after all these years, I don’t think there will be a time when we will ever stop saying so. 

Because of this, she got me into writing. Into cooking and binge watching movies until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. She was there when I laughed, and cried and without her I feel like I would be lost. I wouldn’t have as much direction as I do now. Because of her friendship I can see where I want to go and how I want to do it. I see my business in the distance. I see food and neon signs and people flooding in through double doors, the windows paned with roses, it’s thorny stems framing the sill in green. 

Mackenzie. A name meaning “born in fire”. Her candle; her essence, burning so brightly that it ignited mine all those years ago. Making me blaze down an imaginary path made of pure yellow, my steps strong as I make my way to emerald towers. She makes me confident. She makes me feel strong and structured, but above all she has faith in me. 

Posted by:emileeh

I'm a young writer trying to get into the freelance business. I enjoy writing creative pieces like short stories and poetry and reviews.

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